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Mike Author of Killing Goliath

five stars
By a reader
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The twists and turns had me hooked all the way By Neil Hughes on 18 Aug. 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

In Mike Rabin's second book all the key ingredients are there that kept me hooked last time. There are contrasts - from public school life in the English countryside to both "sides" of LA. From the glamour of a rock star lifestyle to the violence and corruption associated with the criminal underworld. The story is full of endless series of twists and turns and a compulsion to turn the page and find out "what happens next". Mike also pulls of the trick of enabling the reader to retain sympathy with the leading character, despite everything!

five stars
By Mrs S D Martin on 26 Sept. 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Another fantastic novel from Mike Rabin and an amazing sequel to Killing Goliath. It was unputdownable and gripping from start to finish.

five stars
By Magenta on 19 Oct. 2016 Format: Paperback
I found this sequel to Killing Goliath as exciting and easy to read as Mike Rabin's first book. I look forward to reading his forthcoming children's books.Killing Goliath

By mr m. on 10 Jun. 2017 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book is so easy to read I can read a few chapters and ... As a Im a horse I normally find reading to be difficult, this book is so easy to read I can read a few chapters and then I'm free to canter round the paddock. Thrilling read with a real "TV boxed set" feel. Look forward to the author realising more titles, keep it up!!!

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