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Mike Author of Killing Goliathfive stars
Relax into a good story, 19 Nov 2012

By Patrick Lincoln - See all my reviews
This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)
A great read..... The storyline advances all the time and you can't wait to turn the page to read what comes next. Also, enough is painted of the main characters so you feel you can identify them as individuals. Plenty of twists and turns in the tale keep your interest and then the ultimate one at the end! The author appears to draw on his experiences, not all or too closely hopefully, to create a very readable story. Let's hope the author hasn't used all his ideas in his first such novel and that he's got more for another one!


five stars
A thoroughly good and enthralling read
, 10 Oct 2013
By  Richard Shipman - See all my reviews
This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and finished the book within two days which is unusual for me. A captivating story line with some excellent narrative descriptions and I don't normally read fiction!!


A multi-faceted potboiler whose pace never slackens
, 16 Mar 2013
By  Peter B - See all my reviews
This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)
For anyone who recalls London in the sixties, or who wants accurate insights into that era, this is a tale well told, whose pace never slackens. But more than this, it is rooted in the earlier tragedy of the Polish people, bringing both together in the kind of setting reminiscent of the Richardsons, the Krays, the Profumo scandal, Soho night clubs and the London music business. Such is the realism, that one is bound to assume the author had direct personal experience of all of those London cultural scenes! It would make a very good movie or TV series.

Review of Killing Goliath
, 17 Nov 2012
By Steve - See all my reviews This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)
five stars A great read from start to finish with a surprising twist at the end. The book highlights a relatively unknown post war event.

five stars
Difficult to put down!
, 29 Oct 2012
By Neil Hughes - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)There are a number of reasons why I enjoyed this book so much. The subject matter is totally my cup of tea, this period in history being one of radical development and change. The characters are not one dimensional and you get that strange mix of empathy and shock. There are more twists and turns that you might expect - if you attempt the "I know what's going to happen next" trick you would be wrong. Then there is an extra unexpected twist at the there are some great turns of phrase thrown in just for good measure. I had previously been reading top selling books from this and earlier decades and this book had me just as interested and involved as any of those.

five stars
Super story well written!
, 23 July 2013
By Rogerdlp (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback)
What more can you ask? A page turner with a difference! I really enjoyed this first novel from Mike Rabin ....... give it a try!

five stars
Killing Goliath - Hold Tight for a Giant of a Roller Coaster Ride.
, 12 Feb 2013
By  Paul Bennett - See all my reviews This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback).
This is a rollercoaster of a novel taking the reader on a page turn from war time Poland to the London ganglands of the early '60's and the Hamburg bars and clubs that spawned a genereation of musicians. It is a superb mix of genres - crime thriller; political intrigue and sex scandal, laced with blackmail spooks and terrorists. It also examines the psychological impact of a brutalised childhood in the making of the cold,vengeful and ruthless killer. It shows how redeeming love of family provides stability amid chaos and violence and how easily that delicate balance can be destroyed. The 1960's backdrop in which the core of the action takes place is a superbly painted portrait of the music scene of the time, with a powerful feel for the period detail, from the cars to descriptions of everyday life which underpin well drawn characters and the motives which drive them. I can't wait to see the movie!

five stars
Gripping "must read"!
, 23 Sep 2012
By Linda - See all my reviews This review is from: Killing Goliath (Paperback) Crime thriller which provided a compelling read from the outset. Cogent plot and very convincing characterisation which made for a nostalgic look at friendships forged during the war years. A fascinating insight into post war society! Once you start reading this exciting novel, I defy you to walk away until you finish! An ideal holiday read!

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