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They say that everyone has a tale to tell. As a child I enjoyed a happy and fairly privileged lifestyle. But no one is really interested in cozy stories about that stuff. Most people are all suckers for the tough, mean tales of triumph over adversity, and the struggle between forces of good and evil. I guess my introduction to the harsh realities of life started when I was sent away to a Public School in 1954. I was eleven years of age. That was when my story really began.

Back then, boarding schools were not the well-appointed, comfortable establishments that are on offer today. The fees were just as high, but the regimes were very different. Cavernous, freezing dormitories, lousy food, hard work, and gratuitous corporal punishment were the order of the day. I soon learned salutary lessons that were not mentioned in the School Prospectus: self-preservation, the instinct to detect trouble, the need for violence when necessary, and an ability to become extremely selective when choosing friends. I left that school with respectable qualifications and a totally different outlook on life. I believe they called it a ‘ boarding school education’.

I suppose the freedom I experienced after years of disciplined institutionalization prompted a strong desire to pursue a future that would prove to be the antithesis of everything I had been prepared for. After a spell at Art College, I eventually got drawn into the music business. Oscar Rabin, my grandfather, was already an established, popular Band leader of the day, so I guess it was a natural path for me to follow. Pop music was in its infancy, and I became a part of it with my own group called Mike Rabin and the Demons. We cut a few records, and had a good run for a number of years, before I stepped off the merry-go-round and got on with my life.

‘Killing Goliath’ is a fictional thriller based on events that actually took place during the volatile years of the 1960s. It was a period in my life that left long lasting impressions on me, and there are many references in the story that are loosely connected to personal experiences. I hope you enjoy the read.

The sequel ‘Prodigy of Evil’ has now been released and goes on to explore those experiences even further…

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