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The story begins in Poland. After recovering from a catastrophic war, its people are struggling to rebuild their lives, following the ravages of a Nazi occupation. 

Two ten year old boys, one Catholic, and the other Jewish, have their friendship tragically cut short in the aftermath of a shameful pogrom that takes place in their home town of Kielce. As a result, the young Jewish boy migrates to England where he settles in the East End of London with his adoptive parents. Years later, in the early 1960s, fate decides that his friend will also travel to London. Unbeknown to one another, they both achieve great wealth set against a hedonistic backdrop of post war freedoms. 

The friend’s paths are destined to cross, brought about by a series of sinister incidents, involving the world of organized crime and the covert operations of a secret service agency…  

The novel has an exciting pace, making it a proverbial 'page turner'. (See Reviews) Mike has finished working on a sequel that has just been released.

What inspired Mike to start writing

Mike’s interest in writing began later in life, instigated by his daughter who had enjoyed his impromptu tales when she was a little girl. She felt he should resume his talent for storytelling. As a result his first two books were written for children.

He honed his abilities as an author by subscribing to writer’s web sites, and joining discussion groups on Internet forums. But perhaps the most important breakthrough was his meeting with a professional editor, Iain Banks, who felt the original draft had potential, referring to it as an ‘Airport Thriller’. He went on to help Mike nurture his story into the thriller, ‘Killing Goliath’.

What is the biggest hurdle in publishing

The biggest hurdle to all writers is to gain interest from Literary Agents. They are the people responsible for submitting new manuscripts to Publishing Houses who rarely show interest in unsolicited submissions. Like many other authors, Mike found it impossible to place his story, eventually resorting to self-publishing his own paperback on Amazon, a trend becoming increasingly more popular with aspiring writers. As a result, 'Killing Goliath' became available as a paperback, and a Kindle E-book. The reviews from his readers have been extremely complimentary.

Mike Rabin’s personal interests

Mike's interests include art, music, rugby, martial arts, kyaking and above all else, his beloved family: a loving wife, Teri, his daughter, Sam, and his little grand daughter, Olivia. In his own words, 'without them life would have no meaning.'

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